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River Blossom Jade 8mm Silver Studs Mendocino Jade Crescent Moon Earrings Washiington Jade Earrings
Washiington Jade Earrings
Our Price: $128.00
Exquisite River Blossom Jade sourced on our helicopter trips, very rare Sterling Sliver Posts.
You will receive a pair very similar to this pair.

Ultra translucent jade from Mendocino county. 1.5 inches in diameter Sterling silver ear wires. One of a kind.
Highly translucent Jade earrings sourced from Washington state. Beautiful light green color. 2 3/4 inches long and 1/2 inch wide. Sterling Silver earwires. One of a kind.
Polar Jade Goddess Earrings River Blossom Jade Butterfly Earrings River Blossom Jade Butterfly Earrings
Bright Green Polar Jade Earrings 2 inches long 1/2 inch wide Super translucent. Sterling Silver ear wires. One of a kind.

Gorgeous AAA River Blossom Jade faceted centerpiece, helicopter sourced. Sterling Silver(Argentium) wire. Butterfly is 2 inches long and 1 inch wide. One of a kind.
AAA River Blossom Jade, helicopter sourced. Heavy Gold coated wire (5% min gold). One of a kind.
Big Sur Monterey Jade Earrings Polar Jade Earrings Mendocino Jade Earrings
Polar Jade Earrings
Our Price: $198.00
Mendocino Jade Earrings
Our Price: $198.00
AAA Big Sur Jade sourced from The Pacific ocean in Monterey county. Heavy gold coated wire(5% min gold) in star and sunburst motif. One of a kind.
Nice deep Green Polar Jade Earrings. Almost 2 1/2 inches long and 1/4 inch diameter. Sterling silver earwires.
Gorgeous Super Translucent Mendocino Jade earrings sourced from Covelo, CA. Sterling Silver earwires. Triangle is about 2 inches along each side.